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London to Paris Bike Ride


The London to Paris Bike ride is an adventure on two wheels that will challenge you and provide an unforgettable experience. Your ride begins in historic London and will roll through the English countryside and onto rural France before your epic journey rolls into Paris, the most romantic city in the world and finishes under the iconic Eiffel Tower. Having cycled 200 miles over three days you will have a real sense of achievement by the time you finish and new found friends as the adventure concludes with a Parisian flourish.

On the first day of the ride the first stage of the London to Paris cycling challenge will see you make your way out of the capital before reaching the countryside and passing through beautiful English villages. Lunch is waiting for you at the top of Turner’s Hill and after lunch it’s a glorious rolling down hill into the port town of Newhaven in time to catch the ferry to France.

Day 2 of London to Paris will see you awaken in a nice campsite in Dieppe. Undoubtedly riders will have liked more sleep from the previous days exploits, but there is no hanging around as riders saddle up for the next day’s challenge. Rolling through the stunning French countryside, small villages with stunning buildings and churches make a great sight as you pass by. Lunch is at a stunning French country chateau in Saint Seans. After lunch riders roll on into Gournay En Bray. Day 2 is a more relaxed day on the adventure and a good opportunity to get to know your fellow riders.

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Registration Fee £150.00

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