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Bratislava or Bust!


Adventurers, your destination is Bratislava or Bust! The adventure starts in Saint Omer, France, not from Calais where you and your friends will report for seven days of a fun-filled adventure which will see you wind your way through France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia.

This is no ordinary adventure, along the way you will be set a series of daily challenges delivered by our man in the white coat that will test your ingenuity, map reading skills and your ability to barter and negotiate in a foreign language! Master the art of the challenges and you will be rewarded with riches and glory.

The route to Bratislava is yours to take, you can choose to follow our suggestions of spectacular things to see and do along the way or you can plan your own way to the end of the day’s route. Perhaps a visit to the Ferrari museum in Maranello is what you liked to do or do you have a burning desire to cross the infamous Stelvio Pass, the second highest pass in the Alps.

Bratislava or Bust will have a few social gatherings along the way so you can get to know your fellow drivers at Lake Garda at the end of Day 4 and celebrate when you get to Bratislava on Day 7.

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29th Jul -5th Aug 2015AllDementia UK
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